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8 Top tips from a CIPD Examiner

Thinking about taking your Level 7 CIPD Diploma but don’t like the sound of exams?

Our 8 top tips from the CIPD examiner who could be marking your Level 7 CIPD exams…

Before the exam

  • Research the case study in as much detail as possible to really understand the market the test company operates in
  • Practice as many past questions as possible against each of the learning outcomes
  • Prepare examples for each subject area, this could be academic, latest statistics or organisational examples. Questions will ask you to draw on current research, this can either be academic or in reference to another organisation to illustrate good practice. It’s will help in the exam to have examples from your own organisation or one which you’re familiar with.
  • Plan your timings. Know how long you should spend on each section to maximise your marks.

During the exam

  • Make notes on the inside cover of answer booklet during the ten-minute reading time
  • Respond in the right format. If you’re asked to write a report or briefing paper it should have a short introduction, the main body will contain your answer and before a concise conclusion
  • Make time to plan. Your answers might be shorter but overall it should be well considered and have a more logical structure.
  • When citing research or evidence you don’t need to use full Harvard referencing. Examiners take into consideration that you’re working within exam conditions.

So why take the full Diploma?

The Level 7 CIPD exams are tough. There’s no doubt! You can always opt for the Level 7 Advanced Certificate and avoid exams altogether. However, to achieve Chartered membership of the CIPD you will need to go the whole hog. It’s tough but it’s an achievement! And who doesn’t want that Chartered MCIPD at the end of their name…?

You can find examiners’ reports and dates of Level 7 CIPD exams on their website – CIPD: Information on Advanced Level Exams.

Why our Level 7 Diploma students do so well*

  1. A practice ‘open book’ exam assessment in the first year of your course gives you an early insight to the process
  2. More face-to-face sessions with expert approved CIPD trainers than any other private provider**
  3. Mock exam with individual feedback
  4. A pre-exam workshop with a CIPD examiner, focused on the case study
  5. Acacia is the only approved centre which provides feedback (from an actual examiner) on your preparation for the real exam case study.

*January 2019, Human Resource Management in Context – 83% success rate compared to 70% nationally.
**5½ days’ support for each examined module + resources and feedback.

If you’re thinking about studying in the classroom checkout how our CIPD London centers work. If you’re looking for an online course, our Live Online CIPD programmes provide a unique solution to e-learning.

What our students say about studying for their Level 7 CIPD exams with Acacia

“I thought Tristan was enthusiastic which made my Tuesday evenings a lot easier to get through! This is my first exam module, so it was all new to me and the content seems quite intense, but Tristan was a great tutor.” Philly, Advanced CIPD Student, 2018.

“I thought Helen was excellent, just one session with her made me feel more prepared for the exam.” Kasia, Advanced CIPD Student, 2018

Hear what Acacia student, Elisabeth Bucknall, HR Business Partner at C Space, has to say about her experience in this short video.

Elisabeth Bucknall HR Business Partner at C Space discusses her CIPD Advanced Level 7 study with Acacia
Elisabeth Bucknall HR Business Partner at C Space discusses her CIPD Advanced Level 7 study with Acacia

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