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Mark Robertson Student Awards 2020

Mark Robertson Student of the Year Awards 2020! Acacia tutors Kevin Haslam and Tristan Callaghan hosted our 6th annual student awards event live online on 5th November. We usually host our awards event at a London venue with a well-stocked bar and delicious hot buffet. So, this year’s event was quite different however, we were...
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Jamie Charles CIPD Intermediate HR graduate shares his learning journey

CIPD intermediate level 5 HR graduate, Jamie Charles was a finalist at our Student Awards in 2019. Jamie shares his experience of switching career, getting into HR and how since gaining his CIPD qualification his career has gone from strength to strength.
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Dizzie Hill Acacia Student of the Year 2019 Winner

Dizzie Hill studied her CIPD intermediate level 5 Diploma in HR Management with us and won our Student of the Year 2019 award! We spoke to Dizzie about her CIPD learning journey and here she explains the challenges of emigrating from the USA as well as how she got into HR.
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Careers at Acacia

We’re hiring! | Senior Course Adviser

An exciting new opportunity has arisen at Acacia Learning head office. Join our small fun-loving team in Forest Hill, London SE23 | Role: Senior Course Adviser
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Health & Safety in the Workplace

What HR need to know about Health & Safety in the workplace

COVID-19: What HR need to know about H&S in the workplace. On the 8th October at 11am our tutor and health & saftey expert Lisa Starling discussed the following areas of Health & Safety and considerations for Human Resource in the workplace.
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Covid-19: Future of HR Business Impact Survey


During August 2020, Acacia Learning reached out to HR (61%) and L&D (39%) professionals to gain insights on how Learning and Development requirements may change and evolve as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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CIPD Level 7 Webinar

Expert Advice: CIPD Level 7 HR Management qualifications

Have you ever considered studying Human Resource Management at level 7 but wondered if this was right for you? Or thought that as you don’t have a degree you wouldn’t get accepted?
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HR career change podcast

Considering a career change? What are the perks of working in HR? | Podcast

Acacia Learning Podcasts: Listen to industry experts discuss topical HR and L&D issues, advice and trends.
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Time for a career change

COVID-19: Time for a career change?

Why you should consider a career in Human Resources or Learning and Development. Plus read how 4 CIPD students made the move into HR and how studying for a CIPD qualification helped.
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How to change career from retail to human resource

Case Study: How to change career from Retail to Human Resources

Natalie Armitage started her career in retail working at Greggs the UK’s largest bakery chain as a Retail Manager. At 26 she was inspired to switch career and study for a CIPD Human Resource qualification.
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Student network WhatsApp groups

Join our WhatsApp Groups

Studying HR and Learning & Development qualifications with Acacia is invaluable for building an instant professional network. This applies to new students and graduates across all levels and qualifications too.
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H&S in the workplace

Webinar: Health & Safety in the Workplace

Date: Thursday 8th October 2020 | Time: 11AM – 12PM, GMT Join Lisa Starling who is an expert in Health & Safety training and consultancy for a webinar to discuss: COVID-19: What HR need to know about H&S in the workplace.
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Student Awards 2020

Mark Robertson Student Awards 2020

Join us to celebrate live online: Mark Robertson Student of the Year Awards 2020! We look forward to welcoming you to our annual celebration at the Mark Robertson Awards on Thursday 5th November 2020. Acacia tutors Tristan Callaghan and Kevin Haslam will host an exciting and interactive online awards and gamificiation session for all CIPD...
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Organisational Design webinar

Organisational Design in the new normal

Watch our webinar on: Organisational Design in the new normal.
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Future of L&D Survey

Future of Learning and Development Survey

Take part in our research survey to gain insights on how Learning and Development requirements may change and evolve as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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CIPD Student Satisfaction Survey

Student Satisfaction: Acacia ranked as a top quality CIPD training centre

As an Approved CIPD training provider our service quality is independently and regularly assessed by the CIPD, who have ranked us with an equivalent rating to Ofsted’s outstanding.
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COVID-19 HR Podcast

Covid-19 and its impact on HR and Learning & Development | Podcast

Acacia Learning Podcasts: Listen to industry experts discuss topical HR and L&D issues, advice and trends.
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How to ace your video interview during lockdown

How to ace your video interview during lockdown

Participating in a remote interview can be nerving which is why we’ve put together a few top tips to help you ace your video interview:
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Leadership Council podcast

Leadership Council Podcast

In June 2020, Julie Cook appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on her career to date.
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CIPD Festival of Work Day 3 Highlights

Kevin Haslam shares his final thoughts and highlights from CIPD Festival of Work

This year’s virtual Festival of Work has been 3 days of insight, development and knowledge gained from expert commentators and keynote speakers.
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Lockdown's affect on the Gig Economy

Lockdown’s affect on the Gig Economy

At this time those in less secure jobs must have been dis-proportionally impacted and in a variety of ways. It was appropriate that CIPD included a session on this topic on the second afternoon of the Festival of Work. The format of the session was an interactive panel discussion chaired by the CIPD’s Head of...
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Virtually everything I could ask for to expand my cpd

Virtually everything I could ask for to expand my CPD | Festival of Work

As the month of May drew to an end, I was consciously reflecting on what I had learnt during the month in order to update my Continuous Professional Development Plan and Record (CPD).  During the lockdown I have endeavoured to be more disciplined and proactive in my reflective learning. 
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People Management in Healthcare

People Management in Healthcare

We have as a society been more than ever indebted to NHS professionals in recent months. Europe’s biggest employer has never been the easiest to manage yet the loyalty and commitment they have shown, including to three members of my family, has been remarkable.
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Putting people at the centre of the coronavirus recovery

Putting people at the centre of the Coronavirus recovery

It is heartening to hear a discussion on the positives we have learned from the Covid-19 crisis, and according to Sir Ian Cheshire, that CEOs are much more aware of the state of mind of their teams than they were before and suggested HR professionals should be very forthright in chasing CEOs to make sure...
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Diversity & Inclusion 2020

Diversity and Inclusion in 2020

“Diversity is a fact; inclusion is a choice.” Michael Bach There has rarely been a more important time to review the progress organisations are making on Diversity and Inclusion issues. HR has to be successful in driving this forward for the benefit not just of business but for the good of a wider society. This...
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Mental Health during Pandemic

Mental health during a pandemic

Mental ill health is estimated to cost UK businesses £35 billion per year and is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK.
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CIPD Festival of Word Day 1 Highlights

CIPD Festival of Work, Day 1 Highlights

“The best way to build the future is to help develop it.” Abraham Lincoln. Acacia tutor Kevin Haslam shares his thoughts on global disruption and good work practice keynote presentations at the CIPD Festival of Work 2020.
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Deaf Aware at Work

How to be more deaf aware at work

Did you know that 12 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss? That’s around one in six of us. Often referred to as a ‘hidden’ disability, the barriers faced by people with hearing loss are not always obvious – but they’re very real.
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CIPD Assignment Study Tips

CIPD Study and Assessment Tips for new students

We asked our team of tutors to share their study and assessment advice for all new CIPD levels 3, 5 & 7 students. Going back to study after a break can be a daunting prospect for some, and it can take a while to get into the swing of things. Combine these study tips with...
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CIPD Competence Based Assessment Route

CIPD Competency Based Assessment Route

Already an experienced HR/L&D Professional? Want a CIPD qualification but not the workshops? Want to study flexibly? At your own pace? From home?
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Upside of Furlough

Live Webinar: The upside of furlough?

What a month it’s been! Just as we think we understand furlough, we’re now having to get to grips with how it interacts with everything else such as maternity leave, holiday pay and of course redundancy.
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Resilience Webinar

Live Webinar: Connecting with our Resilience

Join Acacia tutor, Janine Waldman for a live Webinar on 14th May 2020, 10:30 – 11:30AM, GMT. Learn how to become more mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with whatever comes your way.
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CIPD Live Online explained

Jay Glover explains LIVE Online

Acacia tutor Jay Glover explains why Acacia Live Online is such a fantastic way to study for your CIPD qualification.
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Kids Resources during lockdown

Free and fun resources for kids during the Coronavirus Lockdown

For those with children to keep occupied (and the adults and pets sane!) during the Coronavirus lockdown, we thought we’d share some really useful resources for kids.
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COVID:19 Webinar

Watch Webinar: Building a Pandemic HR plan

We hope you tuned in to hear Stephen Taylor, Kay Maddox-Daines and Paul O’Sullivan last week who answered questions and provided an update on the key responsibilities of HR managers during this crisis.
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COVID-19: Working from home

COVID-19: Working At Home during lockdown

Julie Cook, Acacia founder shares her learned experience of working from home, which could not be more relevant during the Cornoavirus lockdown.
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4 Linkedin tips

4 Quick Ways to Improve your Linkedin profile

LinkedIn is a great platform for creating and marketing your personal brand and for connecting with professionals in all sectors from around the world.
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12 Tips: Remote Working

12 Tips for Remote Working

Oak Tree Training tutor Angie Turner provides 12 top tips for remote working including setting boundaries, communication and self care.
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Building a HR pandemic plan

Live Webinar: Building a Pandemic HR plan

Join Stephen Taylor and Dr Kay Maddox-Daines for this Live Webinar on 31st March 2020 at 12:30-1:30pm, GMT. Our tutors will provide you with an update on the key responsibilities of HR managers during this crisis. They will also outline the key things to consider when building a HR pandemic plan including an update on...
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Level 5 HR Apprenticeship

Craig Nagle discusses his Level 5 HR Consultant/Partner Apprenticeship

Craig Nagle shares his experience of Level 5 HR Consultant/Partner Apprenticeship with us. As part of his apprenticeship Craig has been taking face-to-face and live online classes to achieve his CIPD Intermediate Diploma in HR Management. “It has really helped me grow within my organisation and with my personal development. I feel that everything I...
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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion: Everyone’s business

There is no denying that workplace diversity and inclusion is an essential aspect of effective people management. Providing an inclusive environment which encourages innovation and creativity and supports the workforce to reach its full potential is vital to organisational flexibility, responsiveness and agility.
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Business culture

International organisations and the problem with “business culture”

“If anyone, no matter who, were given the opportunity of choosing from amongst all the nations in the world the set of beliefs which he thought best, he would inevitably—after careful considerations of their relative merits—choose that of his own country. Everyone without exception believes his own native customs, and the religion he was brought...
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Mindfulness leadership

Mindful Leadership | The who, the what and the why?

Mindful leadership seems to be the next rising star in the management industry. A secret gem currently tucked away in the shadows.
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CIPD Level 3

Bei Zhang completed her CIPD Level 3 Diploma and lands her first HR job

Recent graduate Bei Zhang decided to study in London for her CIPD Level 3 Diploma in HR Practice. After completing her diploma in just three months, she has landed her first HR job! We asked Bei to tell us how she found studying with us and what skills and benefits she has gained along the...
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CIPD Student review

Daisy Collins shares her CIPD Level 5 HR Diploma learning journey with us

Daisy Collins graduated with her CIPD Level 5 HR Diploma and shares her learning journey with us. “After looking at the website and reading course reviews, I thought Acacia was the best fit for me. I liked that there were different study options, and locations were easy to get to from my office. I would...
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We're Hiring | Work at Acacia Learning

We’re hiring! | Student Services Support Officer

An exciting new opportunity has arisen at Acacia Learning head office. Join our small fun-loving, close knit team in Forest Hill, London SE23 | Role: Student Services Support Officer
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CIPD student review

Livia Chan on being the best HR professional that she can be

Livia Chan has studied for her CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma in HR Practice and the Level 5 Intermediate Diploma in HR Management. As a returning student and somebody who is clearly very diligent and hard working we asked her to share her study journey with fellow students and people professionals.
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Be an advocate for apprentices

Be an Advocate for Apprenticeships

HR Advisor Lucy Morrison at Clear Channel discusses being an Advocate for Apprenticeships When the apprenticeship levy was introduced in 2017, I was sceptical. I didn’t know how exactly this concept would fit within a corporate organisation.
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My marketing Apprenticeship at Acacia

Life as a digital marketing Apprentice at Acacia

It’s almost been a year since I left my hometown, friends and comfort zone to start my apprenticeship in London. Here’s what my journey’s been like so far.
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CIPD Competency Route

Sara Thomas, Chartered MCIPD | HR Business Partner at UK Space Agency

Sara Thomas, Chartered MCIPD explains why the CIPD Competency Route is a great way to get qualified. “The competency route made it easy for me to identify my skills weakness and areas for improvement and I feel that much of this shortfall has now been addressed by my research and up to date reading material.”...
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CIPD Level 7 apprenticeship

CIPD Level 7 Apprenticeship| What’s going on?

What’s going on with the CIPD Level 7 Apprenticeship? Quite often our clients have asked if they can fund their CIPD Advanced Level 7 qualification through the apprenticeship levy. Here’s what we know:
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Budgetary control

David Frederick examines the importance of a budgetary framework in all organisations

Over the past two decades the one word that has become the common currency in all managers’ vocabulary is ‘budgets’. The budget is perhaps the most frequently cited explanation for some chosen course of action or inaction by management and staff across all sectors.
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Oak Tree Training with NEBOSH gold partner Status

Oak Tree Training, part of Acacia Learning, win prestigious NEBOSH Gold partner status!

Get qualified with the UK’s top-rated health and safety training course provider! Oak Tree Training, part of Acacia Learning, is very proud to have been awarded Gold partner status by NEBOSH. NEBOSH is the world’s leading accreditation body for the health and safety industry.
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Joanne Henderson driving fairness

Clear Channel’s HR Director, Joanne Henderson on Driving Fairness

As Clear Channel’s HR Director, Joanne Henderson, is a key champion for Clear Channel’s Fairness value. Following the company’s recent internal Happiness survey, we asked Jo to take us through the company’s focus on Fairness, the steps Clear Channel is taking to promote diversity and inclusion within the business, as well as how she feels...
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Talent Attraction At Aramco 12th November

Talent Attraction | CPD Event | Aramco

The Career Development Institute (CDI) would like to invite you to a Talent Attraction Event at Aramco. This event will be focused on finding and developing the STEM workforce of tomorrow – an essential CPD event for Career Development Professionals.
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CIPD Level 5 testimonial

Lauren Owen | CIPD Level 5 Live Online Student

Lauren Owens HR and Operations Manager at Womens Aid Federation shares her experience of studying her CIPD Level 5 HR qualification via our Live Online classes. “I’m half way through my CIPD course with Acacia and really enjoying it. The course is great but a lot of work and being able to manage my modules...
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CIPD Level 5 Live Online

Borislav Borisov | CIPD Level 5 Live Online International Student

Meet Borislav who is one of our many international students based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is studying his CIPD Level 5 with us via our Live Online study option. Borislav explains how he has found studying CIPD online and why it’s a great option for anyone who isn’t based in London. With our Live Online CIPD...
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Job automation, AI and workplace training

Job Automation, AI and the importance of lifelong learning and workplace training

As we stand on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, defined by rapid advancements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, many of us are plagued by feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. It may seem like each day brings with it new job loss predictions, new percentages and more fuel to drive...
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Perry Timms OD HR blog

Perry Timms: Why OD is the saviour of a world of work in flux

Perry Timms is an Acacia tutor | Future of Work TEDx speaker | Author: Transformational HR | HR Most Influential Thinker 2017-2018. If you are currently studying your CIPD HR/L&D qualification or are looking for inspiration and advice on Organisation Design then read Perry’s blog on OD for HR practitioners for some inspiration. Why OD...
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Diversity and the Foreign Commonwealth Office

Diversity and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Acacia’s founder Julie Cook FCIPD reflects on diversity in HR after a recent visit to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. My enjoyment of the Open House weekend in London 21st and 22nd September included a visit to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) HQ in Westminster adjacent to Downing Street. Expecting to see some superb...
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CIPD Level 5 HR Explained

CIPD Level 5 in Human Resource Management; what is it and is it right for me?

The CIPD Level 5 qualifications in HR Management are the same academic level as an undergraduate degree and the middle of the CIPD accredited options. Within them, you will explore HR models and practices as well internal and external factors which impact on organisations.
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CIPD Annual Conference Exhibition 2019

Why attend CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition

What is CIPD ACE? CIPD holds an Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester over the course of 2 days. The event is split into 5 categories:
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Supporting workplace dyslexia

Supporting dyslexia in the workplace

Do you know what Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson, Steven Spielberg, Jo Malone, Kiera Knightly and Benjamin Zephaniah…among so many others, all have in common?
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Keeping good Mental Health


Student Support Top Tips for a good mental health whilst studying The diverse role of HR can be a hectic and demanding job. With the responsibility of employees, its no wonder HR professionals can often become very stressed.
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Acacia Learning partnered with Oaktree Training to provide Health and Safety, ILM - leadership and management, and Microsoft courses

We’ve teamed up with Oak Tree Training and Management

We’ve teamed up with Oak Tree Training to provide a portfolio of Accredited training courses.
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What is your learning style with Jay Glover

What’s your learning style?

What is your learning style? But more importantly how can knowing your learning style help you study smarter? You may have noticed that a lot of tutors use a range of teaching ‘inputs’ to deliver the module content and to stimulate and engage their students.
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Acacia Student & Tutor Awards 2019

Mark Robertson Awards 2019

We are delighted to announce the Mark Robertson Awards 2019 will take place at Hilton London Kensington on Thursday 21st November 2019.
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Apprenticeship Levy Funding Advice

The Apprenticeship Levy: CIPD HR and L&D Advice

Did you know that you can use the Apprenticeship Levy to fund CIPD accredited HR or Learning & Development Certificates? Taking an apprenticeship could be the perfect way to be sponsored through your CIPD qualifications.
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JOMAES research

HR Generalist vs Employment Law Specialist: research reveals essential skills

New research reveals a fundamental shift in the work of HR practitioners: From HR generalist to Employment Law Specialist. Acacia Learning tutors, Dr Kay Maddox-Daines and Dr Danielle Wooten have conducted the new research.
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Career Coaching: Kay Maddox-Daines

Working with an Executive and Leadership Career Coach

Acacia tutor and academic head, Dr Kay Maddox-Daines discusses her coaching style for supporting mid-career decisions. 
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CIPD student time management tips

Time Management with Michelle Maunder

Michelle works as a CIPD Acacia Tutor. She also holds down a full time job, as the Staff Council Chair for TI Media and until recently was a Trustee on a CIO. She is often asked: “How do you juggle everything….?”
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CIPD Levels

CIPD Levels 3, 5 and 7 explained

The different CIPD levels provide a qualification route throughout your career. The CIPD levels are each designed to support progression at different points in your career but don’t always have to be taken in order.
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Tanya Menon TED Talk

The secret to great opportunities: building your network

We’ve been inspired by Tanya Menon at Acacia HQ today. Her TED talk on how consciously expanding our networks will lead to new ideas and opportunities is heading towards 2 million views and has us all thinking.
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CIPD Level 7 Exam CIPD Level 7 Diploma exam hall

8 Top tips from a CIPD Examiner

Thinking about taking your Level 7 CIPD Diploma but don’t like the sound of exams?
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Office for National Statistics (ONS)

More than half of HR admin jobs at risk due to Automation

Analysis from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests there will be vast automation across the HR board.
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How to convince your boss that you need to be at the CIPD Festival of Work

A 5 step guide to convincing your boss you need to attend the CIPD Festival of Work: 1) Explaining what the Festival of Work is The CIPD Festival of Work addresses two hot and unmissable topics: 
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CIPD Level 7 testimonial

Elisabeth Bucknall | CIPD Advanced Level 7 Student

Elisabeth Bucknall, HR Business Partner at C Space, discusses her CIPD Advanced Level 7 study with Acacia I wanted theory to back up what I was putting into practice everyday at work. One of my favourite things has been the real industry experience the tutors have. They really get the practical application and how things...
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CIPD Level 5 testimonial

Sarah Bartlett | CIPD Level 5 review

Sarah Bartlett reviews her time at Acacia. This is what she says: I’ve had a couple of Acacia tutors so far. Tristan uses games which is great for participation and he’s great for support with the learning outcomes. My other tutor Michelle has a world of knowledge and she gives you so much to research...
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CIPD Online testimonial

Niamh Murphy | CIPD Level 5 Review

Niamh Murphy | CIPD Level 5 Review  I had two main tutors and they were both brilliant. They were really good at understanding what your business did and then linking that to the learning outcome. The course has benefited me in so many different ways. I’ve had some instant learning outcomes that I’ve applied to...
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Acacia Learning HR apprentices

Changes to Apprenticeship Levy in April 2019

The changes to the apprenticeship levy are to encourage more SMEs to take on apprentices, as a result the government is willing to cover more training costs and levy payers can now transfer more of their funding.
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Rachel Cook attends the Parliamentary Review gala 2019

Highlighting best practice in education with Acacia Learning | The Parliamentary Review

This week our Managing Director Rachel Cook attended the Parliamentary Review gala to celebrate Acacia Learning’s journey over the past decade.
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CIPD Level 7 testimonial

Olivia Charles career development success | CIPD Level 7 Review

CIPD Level 7 review from Acacia Student Olivia Charles, Senior Learning and Development Advisor at Northamptonshire County Council. 
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Time to revisit your talent management strategy?

Time to revisit your Talent Management Strategy?

Technological advancement is growing at a pace with robotics and AI significantly impacting on the type and number of jobs required.  Jobs that are made up of routine tasks are more likely to be automated.
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CIPD professional map

The new HR Profession Map – how does it impact on you?

Did you know that the CIPD HR Profession Map has been updated? Launched at the CIPD conference in November 2018, the new profession map has been designed to provide clearer guidance to support the people profession of the future.
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CIPD Level 7 testimonial

Scott Gavin at Aramco Overseas discusses his CIPD learning journey with Acacia Learning

Throughout his studies, Scott managed to master the difficult task of balancing academic achievement and practical application into his workplace.
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Marco's HR angels

Congratulations to the winners at our annual Mark Robertson Awards night 2018

It was a fantastic evening of celebration, awards, lucky raffle winners, crazy quizzes, creative selfies and random karaoke microphone hijackers too!
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Perry Timms at our HR Hackathon

Perry Timms: Innovation in HR

Innovation is something we hear we must do more of.  To be more competitive, resilient, to outpace the changes around us.  And yet it remains an elusive and sometimes misguided effort to just come up with new “stuff”.
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Acacia partners with Bakkah to extend reach in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Acacia Learning, one of the leading professional training organisations in the UK, has entered into a partnership agreement with Bakkah in Riyadh.
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Woman studying

5 Top tips for completing a practice-based Masters dissertation

5 top tips for completing a practice-based Masters dissertation from Dr Kirsteen Grant, Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University and Programme Leader for our Top-up to Masters in Human Resource Management programme in London for CIPD Level 7 graduates.
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Perry Timms at our HR Hackathon

Perry Timms: Transformation and HR

When we think about business transformation – which is becoming the thing everyone’s doing – then we think about it being pretty significant, you could say seismic, often digital and certainly about keeping pace with the rapid pace of change.
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Edinburgh napier uni building

CIPD Level 7 Top-up qualification with a research project and graduate with a Master’s degree

Acacia Learning has teamed up with Edinburgh Napier University to provide a CIPD Level 7 Top-up Programme in London, commencing September 2019!
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Mark Robertson Awards Night Invite 2018

Mark Robertson Awards Night 2018

We are delighted to announce the Mark Robertson Awards night 2018 will take place at Amba Marble Arch on Thursday 22nd November 2018. 
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Perry Timms Hackathon

HR Hackathon with Perry Timms

We’ve all got those tricky, complex and reoccurring issues at work. No matter what we do to try and come up with ways to tackle them, we just don’t seem to nail the solution.
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Work with Acacia

Account Manager Role | We’re hiring!

Acacia Learning has been offering professional training solutions to clients and organisations in both the UK and overseas since 2007.
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CIPD Level 5 review

Tayo graduates and gets promoted! | CIPD Level 5 Diploma Reviews

Tayo has completed her CIPD level 5 Diploma and developed her HR Management knowledge at Acacia Learning! Since then, she been promoted at work. 
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