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If you are looking to gain the highest qualification within CIPD, then the post-graduate Level 7 CIPD Advanced HR is a course to be highly considered.  One of the main benefits with this course is its emphasis on teaching strategy within handling complex strategic HR decisions, as well as further development on talent management.  Throughout this course you will be able to develop your skillset further and take your knowledge to the next level within the realms of  people and business leadership.


Duration: 2 months

Structure: 1 module – 11 options

Results: Pick your specialism.
Achieve CIPD awards

Classroom £1,320


Duration: 10 – 12 months

Structure: 4 modules

Results: Gain CIPD professional
Associate membership

Study options and price:
Classroom £4,480
Live Online £3,900


Duration: 18 – 24 months

Structure: 8 modules

Results: CIPD Associate
Upgrade to Chartered or Fellow

Classroom £7,160

  • I would definitely recommend Acacia Learning and actually already have as two of my colleagues are currently completing the course on the back of the value-add I gained from the course. The quality of teaching and materials provided are some of the main reasons I would recommend Acacia. The course was also enjoyable with engaging tutors and the flexibility in terms of modules and locations available was great.

    Scott Gavin
    Acacia CIPD Level 7 Graduate
  • Recently completed my Level 7 Advanced Diploma with Acacia and thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. Met some great tutors with fantastic knowledge and experience whose delivery was very good! Added to the fact that they have lots and lots of friendly support team members with a devotion to following their standard procedures, great venues for classroom delivery, competitive prices and a yearly student/tutor of the year award ceremony in honor of a former tutor who passed away (which is a genuinely beautiful and thoughtful thing to do).

    They are constantly innovating which encourages students to be open minded and ready to adapt to new ways of learning. Overall, a fantastic experience!

    Olorunfemi Oyedola
    Acacia CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma Graduate
  • Great provider of the CIPD level 7 diploma in HRM. Good tutors, classrooms were ok and course material very relevant. Felt supported all the way through and love the flexibility. Would highly recommend this route as opposed to university.

    Philly Lear
    Acacia CIPD Level 7 HRM Student

Granular details about the Level 7 CIPD Advanced HR course

– An array of supported and versatile flexible options for studying
– An all around the clock access to on-line resources which have been developed by Acacia’s certified tutors
– Course work, including a complimentary e-book of your choice will be supplied*
– Knowledgeable, experienced and certified tutors
– Gatherings, groups and other networking opportunities with like minded senior HR professionals.

Please remember: A valid and up to date CIPD membership is required to complete any of these courses and is not included in Acacia’s course fees.
*£5 shipping fee applies for the text book. The e-book is free.

What can I expect from the Level 7 CIPD Advanced HR course delivery?

At Acacia our ethos and mission is to ensure that our students receive the right type of learning suited to them and to fit around their busy lives, hence the reason we have developed our Level 7 CIPD Advanced HR course to offer both flexibility and adaptability. With our course you can expect:

– An ever-growing and exciting choice of modules.
– Evening classes to suit.
– Varied London based learning locations.
– On-line live study classes with the option to remote study.
– Weekday or weekend tutorials once a month.
– 1 to 1 support and guidance from a senior certified HR professional.

Whom is the Level 7 CIPD Advanced HR designed for?

The level 7 course is suitable, relevant and designed for HR professionals that are:

– Serious about the highest qualification attainment within HR.
– Looking to achieve a Master’s in HR Management (this could be a pre-requisite or requirement for a board level HR position.)
– Experienced in HR but looking to ensure they are operating at the highest and best practice.

Can you explain how this course will be assessed?

There are a couple of different ways that you will be assessed for level 7 and this mostly depends on the modules that you decide to undertake as each have a slightly varied assessment.

In terms of the assessments themselves, these can vary between asking students to conduct reports, to a formal national written exam. All formal national written exams will be graded and marked externally by the CIPD professional body.

At Acacia our commitment to ensuring all of our students pass with flying colours involves:

– Setting up mock exam environments and mock exam papers.
– Providing individual feedback on mock exams and improvement techniques.
– Setting up exam workshops for our students to support and ensure everyone is fully prepared.

Course Programme Information

For a Level 7 CIPD Certificate level in HR Management – you will be required to complete four modules.

To attain a Level 7 CIPD Advanced Diploma in HR Management, all modules totalling eight will have to be completed.


Level 7 CIPD Human Resource Awards / Modules and Prices (VAT inclusive)

Human Resource Management in Context  
Leading, Managing and Developing People  
Developing Skills for Business Leadership  
Investigating a Business Issue from a Human Resources Perspective  
Organisation Design and Organisation Development  
Leadership and Management Development  
Resourcing and Talent Management  
Reward Management  
Managing Employment Relations  
Employment Law  
Learning and Talent Development  

Monthly Course Payment Plans:

For all individual awards the price per month is: £66

Total price: £1,320 (Interest Free)

Special Offer: 

You can save £3,400 when you sign up for the Level 7 CIPD Diploma compared with booking modules individually.

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Why study for CIPD?

CIPD qualifications are highly valued by employers and will equip you with essential sector knowledge and skills. Completing a Certificate or Diploma with us means you will join 150,000 worldwide CIPD members and be awarded CIPD Associate membership status which will:

  • Allow you to use Assoc CIPD after your name
  • Enhance your career prospects and earning potential
  • Show your commitment to high standards and ethical compliance
  • Support your organisation through exclusive access to a community of HR professionals, resources and development tools.

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