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CIPD Level 5 L&D Course Overview

At CIPD Level 5 L&D we offer three options: the Award, the Certificate, and the Diploma. The last two lead to associate membership of the CIPD, and will enable you to apply a wide-range of L&D management skills in the workplace.

What does the CIPD Level 5 L&D course offer?

At Acacia, we are leading experts in delivering the CIPD Level 5 Learning & Development Intermediate qualifications. 

Our learning and development training will accelerate your career progression and provide you with an internationally recognised CIPD qualification. With this course you will develop relevant and essential knowledge and skills, and gain professional membership of the CIPD. 

I completed my Level 5 L&D qualification in 20 weeks doing a mixture of evenings & weekend courses. Margaret Heath was a brilliant teacher, encouraging discussion and further learning from my fellow L&D students. Highly recommended!


Holly McGuigan


An award is an accredited qualification focusing on one specific L&D management topic, from a choice of seven.

  • Choose this if:

    you have a special interest in one topic, or who are leading a specific project.

  • Duration - 4 weeks

    An average Award will take place over one weekend or four evenings.

  • Syllabus

    1 module, 7 options

  • Accreditation

    Award certificate

  • Price (inc vat)

    Module price is £720


Most Popular

The Certificate provides the essential knowledge and skills to support progression in L&D management.

  • Choose this if:

    you want to cover the key aspects of L&D management, and are looking for the quickest route to achieving CIPD Associate Membership.

  • Duration - 6 months

    Most part-time students complete a module every month.

  • Syllabus

    5 modules

  • Accreditation

    CIPD Associate membership

  • Price (inc vat)

    Classroom: £3,160 10% off, now £2,844!

    Live Online: £2,850


Most Comprehensive

The Diploma provides a comprehensive overview of L&D management.

  • Choose this if:

    you want to gain an in-depth understanding of all L&D specialist areas, and are willing to invest a little more. Perfect for those ambitious to move to Level 7.

  • Duration - 8 - 10 months

    Most part-time students complete a module every month.

  • Syllabus

    7 modules

  • Accreditation

    CIPD Associate membership

  • Price (inc vat)

    Classroom: £4,040 10% off, now £3,636!

    Live Online: £3,150

Pay monthly, interest free…

Pay monthly, interest-free view our payment plans

CIPD membership must be taken to complete any of these courses and this is not included within our course fee. You can find out more about CIPD membership through their website.

Using the Apprenticeship Levy

Whether your employer is a Levy payer or not you can use the apprenticeship initiative to fund your CIPD Learning & Development qualifications.

Contact us to find out how we can support you and your organisation with the Learning & Development Consultant Apprenticeship (Level 5).

Choose the level that’s right for you

Speak with one of our CIPD Course Advisors to gain a better understanding of our Learning & Development qualifications and how they work. They will discuss your specific requirements, offer you advice and provide you with further information on our study options, start dates and more.

Course Delivery and Assessment

Join our London workshops one weekend a month to understand how to ensure L&D is recognised as an essential part of successful organisations. 

Classroom Plus
Remote Delivery
Assessment Process
  • Join our London workshops and complete your qualification one weekend a month
  • Gain expertise from our wonderful CIPD approved tutors
  • Share knowledge and skills with other L&D professionals from a diverse range of organisations
  • Our CIPD Level 5 Learning & Development courses are all run from our Holborn Study Centre, Central London.

Now you can complete your CIPD Level 5 course remotely via our unique Live Online workshops. Our Live Online classes run once a month. They combine convenient remote learning, with the supportive structure and interaction of our classroom training.

For more experienced professionals, you can complete modules through our competency route; this gives you 121 specialist tutor support that will guide you to build a portfolio of evidence in place of classroom learning. Sessions are arranged at times to suit you directly with the tutor using Skype.

For the level 5 CIPD learning and development course, there will be different assessments based on the modules and will vary between practical assessments, reporting tasks and presentations.

All the assessments will be marked by a CIPD verified tutor of whom will ensure all CIPD verification protocols are followed.

The Modules

Our flexible approach to breaking down the course into modules means you can choose from an individual Award to a full Diploma package. All prices are inclusive of VAT

Developing Professional Practice in Learning and Development (Core)

The aim of this award is to familiarise you with current trends and practices in L&D, enabling you to develop a sound understanding of the core knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective L&D professional.

You’ll consider issues including work management, project management, creative problem-solving, teamwork and building effective professional relationships. And be able to identify development objectives, and devise and implement a plan for your own CPD.

Delivery: 1 day
Assessment: e-portfolio of evidence
Award price: £720

Understanding the Context of Learning and Development (Core)

In this module you will explore a range of internal and external factors which form the context of learning and development practice. You’ll be able to analyse the key success factors in influencing strategic objectives and their impact on L&D policies and practice. You will then be able to position L&D policies and activities to achieve organisational strategic aims in a variety of contexts.

Delivery: 1.5 days
Assessment: presentation and written report
Award price: £720

Using Information, Metrics and Developing Business Cases for Learning and Development (Core)

This award develops your understanding of how information and metrics are used in contemporary practice, and how to construct a solid business case built on valid metrics and evidence. It will develop your knowledge and skills of identifying and reviewing data sources, analysing the findings, drawing conclusions and making recommendations. You will also explore how research can improve understanding, aid decision-making and provide the basis for change.

Delivery: 1.5 days
Assessment: written report
Award price: £720

Designing and Developing Digital and Blended Learning Solutions

This award will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to understand current digital technologies and their contribution to learning and development solutions. You will discover how to design blended learning solutions that make appropriate use of new technologies alongside more traditional approaches and deliver engaging and effective digital content. You will understand the issues involved in the successful implementation of digital and blended learning solutions.

Delivery: 2 days
Assessment: written report and plan
Award price: £720

Facilitating Collective and Social Learning

The purpose of this award is to develop your understanding of both collective and social learning and the nature and impact of both within the workplace. You will explore the different models of collective and social learning, and how these feed into organisational learning objectives.

The key learning outcomes for this award include:
– Constructs of collective and social learning.
– Different models of collective and individual learning and their application within the workplace.
– How technology has transformed the nature and shape of collective and social learning.
– The benefits and challenges of facilitating collective and social learning in organisations.

Delivery: 2 days
Assessment: written report
Award price: £720

Understanding Organisation Development

The purpose of this award is to develop your understanding of different models of organisation development, practitioner skills and role and the relationship to L&D. You will develop a deeper understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to function effectively in an organisational development role.

On completion of this award, you will be able to:
– Understand the concept and key purposes of organisation development and the relationship of OD with the learning and development function
– Explain and evaluate a range of organisation development tools and techniques
– Specify the skills required to support an organisation development role.

Delivery: 1 day
Assessment: written report and person specification
Award price: £720

Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

This award will develop your understanding of both coaching and mentoring in organisations for a range of stakeholders. It will provide you with opportunities to enhance your coaching and mentoring skills, as you explore the concepts and benefits for the coach/coachee and mentor/mentee. You will also look at different models of implementing coaching and mentoring, the role of line managers in both the practices and the factors to consider before implementation. You will develop new skills to support the implementation of coaching and mentoring activity in organisations.

Delivery: 1.5 days
Assessment: written reports
Award price: £720

Developing and Using Consultancy Skills

This award will develop your understanding of the nature of consultancy and related concepts, different consultancy roles and the key stages in the consulting process. You will explore the range of skills and techniques required to be effective in a learning and development consulting role for each stage of the consulting process. This includes, working with clients to address a business need, agreeing a solution through to evaluation and closure. At the end of the module, you should be more confident in providing customised learning and development solutions to meet the needs of different clients. Negotiating the deliverables in a consultancy contract will also be addressed in this module.

Delivery: 1 day
Assessment: written report and costed L&D plan
Award price: £720

Ten reasons to choose us

  • 96.4% Level 5 pass rate
  • More flexible study options than anyone else
  • Several start dates each month throughout the year
  • 24/7 access to specially designed online resources
  • Free official Level 5 CIPD textbook
  • A welcoming community of experienced tutors, as well as Acacia’s friendly support team
  • Plentiful opportunities to meet like-minded professionals and create lifelong connections
  • Celebratory Graduation events and our annual Awards night
  • Interest-free monthly payment options
  • Highly competitive prices without compromising on quality

Career Options

The CIPD Level 5 L&D Intermediate qualifications are ideal if you are:

  • Already in an L&D role and looking to take the next steps.
  • Seeking to gain an internationally recognised CIPD qualification.
  • Have a basic foundation in L&D or training experience and wish to gain a more formal recognised award.

CIPD qualifications are the gold standard in HR and L&D. The skills you develop with us will open new career options. Jobs which would be suitable once you have completed your CIPD level 5 qualifications include L&D Manager or Consultant and Organisational Development roles.


The skills you develop with the CIPD Level 5 qualification will open new exciting career options for you!

HR Manager Average pay: £35,419
Top pay: £62,252

Your Tutors

I looked at different providers but went with Acacia because it was face to face classes and they were the only people who took an interest in describing the different levels and what was right for me working in L&D. The tutors were superb – they knew their subject and made it interesting. I felt like I was working with a fellow professional not a teacher and student. 


JoeAcacia CIPD L&D Level 5 Student

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