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With a CIPD Level 7 L&D Advanced qualification you will learn how to develop creative and strategic HR L&D solutions that drive organisational performance.

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CIPD Level 7 L&D Course Overview

At CIPD Level 7 L&D we offer three options: the Award, the Certificate, and the Diploma. The Level 7 Diploma leads to chartered membership of the CIPD, and will enable you to apply a wide-range of L&D management skills in the workplace.

What does the course offer?

If you are a seasoned learning and development professional whom is currently responsible for leadership strategies and policy creation, then a professional CIPD Level 7 L&D Advanced qualification will enhance your wider understanding, knowledge and will keep you in line with industry best practices.  In addition to this, you will also gain Chartered Membership of the CIPD.

I have not studied for many, many years. I’m a fair bit older than the other students but this has not mattered at all.


Denise MervishAcacia CIPD Level 7 L&D Student


An award is an accredited qualification focusing on one specific L&D management topic, from a choice of eleven.

  • Choose this if:

    you have a special interest in one topic, or you are leading a specific project.

  • Duration: 4 - 8 weeks

    An average Award will take place over one weekend or four evenings.

  • Syllabus

    1 module, 11 options

  • Accreditation

    Award certificate

  • Price (inc vat)

    Module price is £1,320


Most Popular

The Certificate provides the essential knowledge and skills to support progression in L&D management.

  • Choose this if:

    you want to cover the key aspects of L&D management, and are looking for the quickest route to achieving CIPD Associate Membership.

  • Duration: 10-12 months

  • Syllabus

    4 modules

  • Accreditation

    CIPD Associate membership

  • Price (inc vat)

    Classroom: £4,480 10% off, now £4,032!


Most Comprehensive

The Diploma provides a comprehensive overview of L&D management.

  • Choose this if:

    you want to gain an in-depth understanding of all L&D specialist areas, and are willing to invest a little more.

  • Duration: 18 - 24 months

  • Syllabus

    8 modules

  • Accreditation

    CIPD Associate membership

    Upgrade to CIPD Chartered or CIPD Fellow

  • Price (inc vat)

    Classroom: £7,160 10% off, now £6,444!

Pay monthly, interest free…

CIPD membership must be taken to complete any of these courses and this is not included within our course fee. You can find out more about CIPD membership through their website.

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Choose the level that’s right for you!

Book your free no-obligation telephone consultation with one our friendly and knowledgeable course advisors. They will discuss your specific requirements, offer you advice and provide you with further information on our study options, start dates and more.

Course Delivery and Assessment

Complete the CIPD Learning & Develop qualifications flexibly by attending our London classes or online workshops.

Classroom Plus
Digital Delivery
Course Timetable
Assessment Process
  • Mix and match the way you learn – choose how and when you want to take each module, whether all in the classroom, or a blend of classroom and digital.
  • Complete flexibility on when to take each module, whether week-day evenings or at weekends.
  • Choose between 7 central London locations, including London Bridge, Holborn and Liverpool Street.

For more information about our Level 7 CIPD London Workshops

Join our live-online classes once a month. They combine the convenience of remote learning, with the support, structure and interaction of a classroom environment. 

In small groups an experienced, CIPD approved tutor will take you through the theory, application and assessment for each learning outcome. You will be able to share ideas and experiences with other senior L&D  professionals from a variety of organisations and sectors.

Read more about our CIPD Level 7 Online courses and options here.

You can mix and match between our different delivery options, creating a personalised training programme. Modules can be taken in any order so there are start points every month.

If you are still undecided we also offer free taster classes for our London workshops. You can book to attend a session where you will get access to careers and study advice from your tutor, as well as meet fellow students to help you get started.

All candidates whom undertake a CIPD Advanced Level 7 in L&D qualification will be evaluated in different ways, which will depend upon the modules that are being undertaken. The assessments vary for each module and can include: written reporting as well as written assignments on a particular business issue. In addition to this, there are national exams associated with the modules which will be graded externally by a CIPD external examiner.

For national exams, Acacia provides all their students with the opportunity to prepare in plenty of time without any panic or last minute prepping. We will provide you with as much support by offering you:

– Mock exam papers
– Providing 1 to 1 feedback by tutors on mock exams
– Exam workshops for students to be able to become fully prepared.

You can find out more information on CIPD Level 7 exams by reading our 8 Top Tips from a CIPD Examiner.

The Modules

Our flexible approach to breaking down the course into modules means you can choose from an individual Award to a full Diploma package. All prices are inclusive of VAT

Leadership and Management Development

This module will provide you with the tools to create a strategy to develop leaders and managers within an organisation. You will critically analyse theory on effective approaches to leadership and management development. You will reflect on your own practice in relation to ethics and professionalism. Finally you will explore the skills needed to be a more effective manager, with specific knowledge on leadership and management development strategies.

Delivery: 6 evenings, 3 days
Assessment: open book exam
Award price: £1,320

Learning and Talent Development

During this module you will build an in-depth understanding of both the limitations and potential contribution learning and talent development can make within an organisation. Learning and Talent Development will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to:
– Develop and evaluate resourcing and talent management strategies
– Introduce plans that fit the specific organisation’s needs
– Understand good practice in recruitment and selection techniques.

Delivery: 6 evenings, 3 days
Assessment: written report
Award price: £1,320

Organisation Design and Organisation Development

Effective organisational design is crucial for businesses to thrive. Influencing organisational structure is a key part of effective people development. This CIPD postgraduate module will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to:

– Re-shape your organisation to meet the business challenges of the future.
– Support change management through the application of organisational design strategies.
– Increase your organisation’s adaptability to change and new trends.

Delivery: 6 evenings, 3 days
Assessment: written report
Award price: £1,320

Resourcing and Talent Management (optional)

As part of Resourcing and Talent Management you will analyse best-practice strategies to engage and retain the most valuable employees and improve performance.

This Level 7 CIPD module will give you the skills and knowledge to:
– Develop and evaluate strategies for resourcing and talent management.
– Implement and manage plans which fit your organisation’s needs.
– Understand best practice in recruitment and selection techniques.

Delivery: 6 evenings or 3 days
Assessment: written report
Award price: £1,320

Reward Management (optional)

In this module you will learn how to plan, implement and evaluate consistent reward structures in order to support strategic organisational goals.

The Reward Management Award will support you to:
– Develop reward strategies that support the specific needs of your organisation
– Diagnose and rectify reward-related issues in your organisation
– Ensure your reward strategy is more attractive and competitive for employees.

Delivery: 3 days
Assessment: written report and individual presentation
Award price: £1,320

Managing Employment Relations (optional)

This module will build your awareness of effective employment relations procedures and policies. You will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to:
– Manage the employment relationship in any organisation
– Analyse and evaluate opposing theories on employment relations
– Critically apply understanding across different industries, to union and non-union lead organisations of any size.

Delivery: 6 evenings or 3 days
Assessment: written report
Award price: £1,320

Employment Law (optional)

This award will provide you with the expertise to confidently brief organisations on the consequences of current and future developments in employment law. You will:
– Gain a thorough understanding of employment law to add value to your organisation
– Learn how to anticipate and respond to changes in legislation
– Work with legal materials including statutes, statutory instruments, bills, directives and voluntary codes of practice.

Delivery: 4.5 days or 3 weekends
Assessment: case study or written report
Award price: £1,320

Leading, Managing and Developing People (core)

This module provides a framework for leaders in people management and development. You will build an understanding of changes and developments in the sector and how L&D can be aligned to positive business outcomes. You will critically examine theory and practice and ethics and professionalism. You will reflect on links to motivation and engagement as well as performance and commitment. Finally, you will demonstrate your understanding of key debates in L&D management such as theories relating to motivation, the characteristics of effective leaders and change management.

Delivery: 8 evenings or 4 days + exam
Assessment: exam
Award price: £1,320

Human Resource Management in Context (core)

Human development professionals operate within increasingly complex and changing organisational environments. This core module for the diploma will build your understanding of opportunities and choices when taking organisational and resourcing decisions.

Our tutors will support you to learn how to analyse and critically evaluate internal/environmental contexts, organisational and L&D strategy. You will look at your organisation more widely to see the impact of competitive environments, globalisation and international forces, demographics, technological and social trends, government policy and legal regulation.

Delivery: 8 evenings or 4 days + exam
Assessment: exam
Award price: £1,320

Investigating a Business Issue from a Human Resources Perspective (core)

People Development professionals who wish to influence organisational performance should be able to research relevant topics and write reports. This module will give you the skills to ensure your reports have impact. That they persuade key stakeholders in the organisation to change or adopt a particular policy and practice.

To complete this module, you will:
– identify and develop a business issue with strategic significance
– undertake a critical literature review
– compare research methods and relevance
– undertake analysis, draw conclusions and make recommendations
– write a reflective account.

Delivery: 2 evenings, 1 day
Assessment: research report
Award price: £1,320

Developing Skills for Business Leadership (core)

This module focuses on developing leadership skills and managing practice. There is an emphasis on strategic decision-making skills, management of financial information, team working, IT and interpersonal skills. You will be supported to effectively make decisions as well as lead and influence others.

Delivery: 2 evenings, 1 day
Assessment: portfolio
Award price: £1,320

Ten reasons to choose us

  • 91% Advanced Level 7 Pass Rate (55% Merit & Distinction)
  • More flexible study options than anyone else
  • Several start dates each month throughout the year
  • 24/7 access to specially designed online resources
  • Free official Level 5 CIPD textbook
  • A welcoming community of experienced tutors, as well as Acacia’s friendly support team
  • Plentiful opportunities to meet like-minded professionals and create lifelong connections
  • Celebratory Graduation events and our annual Awards night
  • Interest-free monthly payment options
  • Highly competitive prices without compromising on quality

Career Options

The CIPD Level 7 L&D Advanced qualifications are ideal if you are:

  • Serious about gaining the highest qualification attainment within HR.
  • Looking to achieve a Master’s in L&D Management (this could be a pre-requisite or requirement for a board level position)
  • Experienced in L&D but looking to ensure you are operating at the highest and best practice.

CIPD qualifications are the gold standard in human resources. The skills you develop with us will open new career options. Jobs which would be suitable once you have completed your CIPD level 7 qualifications include L&D Director, Business Partner roles.


The skills you develop with the CIPD Level 7 qualification will open new exciting career options for you!

L&D Director Average pay: £68,417
Top pay: £119,640

Your Tutors

I wanted theory to back up what I was putting into practice everyday at work. It’s given me great confidence and credibility at work. Having the theory, background and knowledge when presenting business cases have all really helped me at work. It’s also great to be learning about something you enjoy doing. I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned in class the very next week at work >>Listen to more>>


Elisabeth BucknallHR Business Partner at C Space

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