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Leadership & Management Short Course Programmes

Acacia Learning is an established CIPD and ILM training centre with over 12 years’ experience of delivering high quality essential skills to thousands of professionals. Our selection of Leadership & Management courses will enhance your skills to ensure you get the most out of your teams, are confident with budget management…

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Remote Working for Managers

Leading teams remotely means that managers need to be even more effective to both support their teams and get the most from them. Below are three half day courses to enable managers to better lead their teams remotely:

Leading teams remotely
Maximising your leadership style
Coaching team members remotely

All programmes are designed for existing people managers who are new to remote ways of working.

Leading change

Our working world is changing. It’s now more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever before. This new environment demands even more from leaders in terms of leading change while they themselves are in the midst of change. Yet management strategies for understanding and leading transformation haven’t always kept up with these changing times.

This Leading Change Course introduces new tools and techniques to help leaders make sense of the ‘vital signs’ of change.

Employment law for managers

This course is designed to enable delegates to understand the legislative framework for employment in the UK and the areas of law which may affect their decisions or place their organisation or themselves at risk. Managers will gain an understanding of how to limit the impact of potential issues by acting proactively and using company practices effectively.

Persuasive negotiation skills

Do you need to build your influencing skills and have more persuasive negotiation skills, overcoming communication blockages to get the result you and your organisation need? Effective negotiation is the key to everyday business activities with clients and colleagues and remains as one of the essential foundations of building effective working relationships.

You will consolidate your existing negotiation skills as well as develop new tools and techniques to build your influencing skills and become a more persuasive negotiator.

Recognising stress and building resilience

This hands-on Recognising Stress Course has been designed for managers and explores how to define and quantify stress in the workplace. You will learn how to measure its effects and build your personal and team resilience by understanding physiological responses to stress and the difference between anxiety and pressure. The course will also explore stress triggers for you and your team.

Coaching and mentoring

The nature of how the coaching and mentoring course has changed with the steady increase in the need for micro-learning; effective ways of including short, sharp, frequent bursts of self-development.

This course will help you develop the skills required to motivate your team members within their busy work environment without the challenges associated with removing them for training. You will learn the importance of effective coaching and mentoring and will build upon this, helping you improve organisational performance by having a more committed and effective workforce.

Disciplinary and grievance training

Designed to develop and improve the skills and knowledge of managers to ensure that good techniques and practices are consistently maintained. An awareness of the current legal requirements will be covered to protect staff, managers and the organisation. You will explore and practice questioning and de-escalation techniques in formal situations. You will leave feeling more confident to manage disciplinary and grievances for improved outcomes for both the organisation and employees.

Moving from manager to leader

The move from manager to leader is an exciting journey. The Manager to Leader course helps you develop your management skills, exploring the basic principles of management and leadership and how to develop your leadership qualities and confidence.

As your career progresses into more senior leadership roles you may struggle to break with your old management styles and create a new leadership approach. This course has been specifically designed to address those challenges so you can become a leader who is flexible, dynamic and effective.

Building a high performance culture

Designed for higher level managers who have the responsibility for developing the culture and commitment of their teams. This course will review current skills and increase self awareness of individual behavioural characteristics which are essential for a high performing team.

Delegates will explore how to adapt and develop to achieve the best from your people. You will learn tools and techniques to engage and inspire those in your team to achieve more together.

Leading and motivating teams

A team with faith in the direction they are going will be more engaged and motivated. Outcomes, growth and retention will all be higher.

This session addresses the skills of leadership, team development and motivation of others. Delegates will practice the skills they learn within the session to enable them to develop their own effective style of leading and motivating a team.

Programme Delivery

Live Online Training
Inhouse Delivery
Bitesize Sessions

Our Live Online sessions offer all the same excellent benefits of our classroom workshops, but with the flexibility of attending live interactive sessions remotely. You’re not left on your own to work through e-learning resources or watch prerecorded sessions. Instead you will have the support of expert facilitators and the benefit of learning with others in a fun group environment.

Your Live Online training session will be delivered to the same high standard as our classroom workshops. Classes are well-structured to ensure learning outcomes are both achieved and checked. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss how key concepts are applied. You will work with others in the group on collaborative tasks and case studies.

Join one of our  workshops run in central London, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire. Our highly interactive Leadership & Management sessions will give you the opportunity to focus on developing new skills which you will be able to use in the workplace the very next way. Our expert facilitators will bring the content to life and draw on your existing experiences and those of the other professionals in the room. 

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It is often more cost effective for us to deliver bespoke sessions within your organisation. Our experienced trainers can deliver the courses to meet your business needs and contextualise the material.
We will work with you from planning right through to evaluation to ensure we provide the skills and knowledge your organisation requires.
We work throughout the UK and internationally with extensive experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We can also deliver virtual solutions to remote teams.
Contact us to find out more about how the process works.

The demand for short bites of learning is increasing necessary not only to fit with flexible work patterns but also our changing learning needs. We have developed shorter or segmented versions of our programmes which we can deliver flexibly to meet the needs of your organisation.

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“As an Acacia student please login with the username and password provided to you in your confirmation pack to access all the information:

Please click below for Acacia Learning CIPD Student Hub (access by invitation only)”