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Boost staff productivity with a Microsoft Word training course. Our programmes are expert lead sessions delivered in-house in London and across the South and East of the UK.

Our Microsoft Word Training Courses

Increase the efficiency of your teams with our comprehensive range of Microsoft Word courses. With all of our programmes we include the following:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Tailored courses and content
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Indefinite access to bespoke resources
  • Post-course trainer support
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Post course evaluation
  • Competitive day rates

Microsoft Word Foundation Training

One day training course

This Foundation Microsoft Word course will support you to produce a wide number of documents efficiently and effectively.

Delegates will be introduced to the skills required to create a simple professional looking short document. Gaining keyboard skills along with correcting spelling and grammatical errors is vital, as is the ability to quickly move or copy text from one location to another. Various font and paragraph formatting techniques will be applied to ensure the document looks professional.

– Documentation layout and appearance will be significantly improved
– Time-saving through the application of navigation and selection tricks
– The skills required to create, save and retrieve documents can be transferred to other Microsoft products

Microsoft WordFoundation Course Content

Screen Tour
• Title bar
• Toolbars
• Menu bars
• Scroll bar
• Ruler
• Task pane

Zoom Setting
• Using help
• Finding keywords
• Help shortcut key

Show/Hide – The Paragraph Mark
• Keyboard skills
• Enter key / tab / spacebar / shift / CAPS lock
• Backspace v delete key
• Overtype v insert

• Scroll bar
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Mouse scroll wheel

• Keyboard shortcut
• Mouse skills
• Selecting word / sentence / paragraph

Managing Files
• Locate / open
• Save v save as
• Save as different file types
• Creating a document

Process Text
• Cut, copy and paste
• Undo / redo

Using Writing Tools
• Spelling
• Grammar
• Thesaurus

Direct Font Formatting (All)
• Changing font typeface
• Specifying font sizes (custom)
• Bold / underline / italic
• Character Spacing

Direct Paragraph Formatting
• Indents
• Alignment
• Line spacing

• Setting custom tabs
• Left / right / centre / decimal tabs
• Editing tab settings
• Dot leader and bar tabs

Header & Footer
• Page set up and printing
• Print preview
• Print options
• Orientation
• Margins

Microsoft Word Intermediate Training

One day training course

This Intermediate Microsoft Word course focuses on creating professional-looking short documents, generated efficiently.

Microsoft Word is a highly underestimated program. There are many underlying principles to creating documents, which are often overlooked. The frustrations that arise when Word doesn’t behave as you expect, can generate inefficient working practices and unprofessional looking documents.

Delegates will work with the powerful “Paragraph Mark” to help explain the underlying mechanics of why text appears to move around the document with a “life of its own”. All font and paragraph formatting techniques will be explained. Various pagination techniques will help control which page text appears on, and spelling and formats will be automatically corrected. The mysterious world of “bullets and numbering” will be resolved and basic Headers and Footers inserted. You will not only be able to print the document you have created but also the envelope and/or the label that may accompany it.

Microsoft WordIntermediate Course Content

Overview basics
• Show / hide
• Using writing tools

• Enable correction features
• Create custom corrections

• AutoText
• Store and paste common phrases
• Use as modular templates
• Add an auto signature

Indirect paragraph formatting
• Indents
• Alignment
• Line spacing

• Widow / orphan
• Keep with next
• Keep lines together
• Page break before
• Suppress line numbers
• Don’t hyphenate
• Paragraph spacing

• Creating tables
• Inserting row / columns
• Column / row widths
• Table borders
• Merge / split cells
• Numbering and bullets

Borders and shading
• Page border
• Shading
• Text or paragraph

Bullets and numbering
• Apply bullets and numbering
• Outline numbering
• Customise bullets and numbering

Page set up and printing
• Print preview
• Print options
• Orientation
• Margins
• Vertical alignment

Page break
• Column break
• Section break

Headers and footers in one section
• Create and modify
• Different first page

Printing envelopes and labels
• Basic fields
• Date and time

Microsoft Word Designing Forms and Mail Merge

Half day training course

The Microsoft Forms and Mail Merge course provides you with the skills to create sophisticated templates that can be used by other people in a team, department or organisation. This will enable you and your team to personalise documents to a large number of people quickly and efficiently. This course will introduce the concept of advanced mail merge features to allow automation of selective merges.

In order to produce consistent-looking documents within an organisation, Word offers the facility to create document “stencils”. You will be using the powerful features of Form Fields for this. Forms can be designed to allow users an easy and simple way of entering information in a Word document. Data collected can be exported to a delimited file type. Files can then be imported into Excel or any database application for further analysis.

Microsoft WordDesigning Forms and Mail Merge Course Content

Building and designing a form
• Content controls
• Text boxes
• Drop down combo boxes
• Check boxes
• Field options

• Password protection
• Enable form filling only

Templates and export
• Creating and using a Word Template.
• Saving legacy form data as delimited text file

Mail Merge
• Letters
• Merge to printer
• Merge to new document
• Filtering the data source
• Advanced query options

Using Word fields to vary the mail merge output
• IF Statements
• Ask and fill-in fields
• Use bookmarks


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“As an Acacia student please login with the username and password provided to you in your confirmation pack to access all the information:

Please click below for Acacia Learning CIPD Student Hub (access by invitation only)”