CIPD qualifications

CIPD qualifications are highly valued by employers and will equip you with essential sector knowledge and skills.

We are specialists in Human Resources and Learning & Development training – from entry-level courses through to postgraduate-equivalent qualifications.

CIPD Level 5 HR Explained

What are CIPD Level 5 Qualifications in Human Resource Management?

The CIPD’s accredited Level 5 qualifications in HR Management are the middle of three tiers of qualification offered by the CIPD. Within them, you will explore HR models and practices as well internal and external factors which impact on organisations.
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CIPD Annual Conference Exhibition 2019

Why attend CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition

What is CIPD ACE? CIPD holds an Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester over the course of 2 days. The event is split into 5 categories:
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What is your learning style with Jay Glover

What’s your learning style?

What is your learning style? But more importantly how can knowing your learning style help you study smarter? You may have noticed that a lot of tutors use a range of teaching ‘inputs’ to deliver the module content and to stimulate and engage their students.
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Apprenticeship Levy Funding Advice

The Apprenticeship Levy: CIPD HR and L&D Advice

Did you know that you can use the Apprenticeship Levy to fund CIPD accredited HR or Learning & Development Certificates? Taking an apprenticeship could be the perfect way to be sponsored through your CIPD qualifications.
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JOMAES research

HR Generalist vs Employment Law Specialist: research reveals essential skills

New research reveals a fundamental shift in the work of HR practitioners: From HR generalist to Employment Law Specialist. Acacia Learning tutors, Dr Kay Maddox-Daines and Dr Danielle Wooten have conducted the new research.
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CIPD Levels

CIPD Levels 3, 5 and 7 explained

The different CIPD levels provide a qualification route throughout your career. The CIPD levels are each designed to support progression at different points in your career but don’t always have to be taken in order.
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Tanya Menon TED Talk

The secret to great opportunities: building your network

We’ve been inspired by Tanya Menon at Acacia HQ today. Her TED talk on how consciously expanding our networks will lead to new ideas and opportunities is heading towards 2 million views and has us all thinking.
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Office for National Statistics (ONS)

More than half of HR admin jobs at risk due to Automation

Analysis from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests there will be vast automation across the HR board.
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How to convince your boss that you need to be at the CIPD Festival of Work

A 5 step guide to convincing your boss you need to attend the CIPD Festival of Work: 1) Explaining what the Festival of Work is The CIPD Festival of Work addresses two hot and unmissable topics: 
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Rachel Cook attends the Parliamentary Review gala 2019

Highlighting best practice in education with Acacia Learning | The Parliamentary Review

This week our Managing Director Rachel Cook attended the Parliamentary Review gala to celebrate Acacia Learning’s journey over the past decade.
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