Anne Williams | Tutor of the month

Well done to Anne for being out Tutor of the Month for February 2017!

1) How long have you worked at Acacia Learning and what do you teach?

I started working at Acacia Learning in August 2012, so it will be 5 years this summer! Wow time goes by quickly!

I deliver all levels of programmes at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels and via all methods of delivery. These include taught workshops, online workshops and competence assessment for our already experienced learners.

I specialise in international delivery too and I meet HR and L&D learners in countries such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and Africa.

2) What are the benefits for professionals of achieving a CIPD qualification?

Not only does studying on a CIPD programme increase your knowledge and skills, it is an essential qualification to gain if you wish to progress in your career as a HR or L&D professional. It is widely recognised as both a standard of academic achievement but also a standard of professionalism in our field. A ‘must have’ for today’s HR/HRD practitioner.

3) What do you like most about being a tutor?

I enjoy the ‘Ah! Ha!’ moments, when the learners apply in the workplace what they have learnt during the workshops and from the array of support materials they receive. It’s fantastic to hear their stories of how they’re making a difference, improving work and working lives for the people in their businesses.

I have worked in HRM/HRD for over 25 years now (*I began work when I was 5 years old of course!) and whilst I am a tutor at Acacia Learning I also continue to work as a practitioner, it’s a pleasure to share the knowledge and experience I have gathered in my own career with the learners.

4) What are your top tips for passing CIPD assessments?

1. Understand what you are being assessed against. This sounds so simple but often isn’t done and a ‘scatter’ approach is taken in a last-minute flurry! Take the time to plan your study against the learning outcomes and assessment criteria you are being assessed against, do this from the first day of your programme and stick to it.

2. READ!!!. It’s not enough to attend workshops and hope a few quotes here and there from the text book and perhaps a fact sheet will be enough. At all levels of programmes and as a developing practitioner you should be up to date with new developments in the field, actively seek new knowledge and experiences and reflect these in your assignment work and exam answers. There’s loads of materials out there, journal articles, surveys and research, podcasts, case studies to compare your own practices against…

3. Manage your time and be organised. The last thing you want is to see this as extra work so try to integrate study as part of your normal day. Listen to podcasts whilst travelling, walking the dog or working out in the gym, spend 15 minutes a day with a cuppa to update yourself with what’s in the news and how it relates to your role. It is essential to plan dedicated time for study and completion of assessments into your diary.

4. For advanced level learners – PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE – Using as many past examination papers as you can get hold of. Model answers first using all of the resources and examiners feedback and then to the clock in a mock exam scenario. You’ll hate it but it absolutely works!

5) Can you tell us about how you work with businesses delivering their training needs?

Along with helping to develop business’s HR/HRD professionals for the future, I work closely with organisations to identify and develop bespoke short courses that can be delivered in their workplace. For example, I have recently worked with Petronas, Petrodar and Nile Sugar on a programme to upskill their Managers on Coaching and Mentoring as part of their wider HRD strategy and Leadership programmes.

6) Please sum up Acacia Learning in three words?

Responsive, Flexible and Personal – Offering CIPD programmes in the UK/Europe and now across the World is highly competitive and choosing the right provider is essential in relation to cost and very importantly your success! Acacia Learning offers programmes at very competitive prices whilst maintaining the high-quality standard as a ‘CIPD Top Banded Centre’

7) Please tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I’m learning to speak Arabic! I’m only at level 1 so far but I can now say basic greetings, ask for a cup of coffee with milk and the essential slice of Chocolate Cake! All with a Liverpudlian accent of course which the learners find hilarious!


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