Jay Glover | Tutor of the Month

Jay Glover is our Tutor of the Month for March 2017! Read on to find out more about Jay and his role at Acacia Learning.

1) How long have you worked at Acacia Learning and what do you teach?

I have been working at Acacia for about 4 years. I teach level 5 Intermediate and design and deliver blended learning modules for Acacia.

2) What are the benefits for professionals of achieving a CIPD qualification?

There are so many advantages. Firstly, there is the credibility that a CIPD qualification gives you in terms of influence in the workplace. Secondly, the modules are designed by professionals for professionals. So the insights and knowledge that studying for CIPD brings are really valuable in developing your personal effectiveness as an HR professional. Thirdly, being professionally qualified benefits you immensely in terms of your own career progression and marketability. Finally, there is the self-esteem and status that gaining such a well respected and rigorous qualification brings.

3) What do you like most about being a tutor?

The best part for me has always been being in a classroom and particularly, finding ways to make evening sessions and weekend sessions stimulating, informative and fun. I never underestimate the commitment it takes from students to turn up on a wet February evening for a CIPD straight after finishing a day’s work. Even more so when students give up a Saturday and Sunday for study. I think we owe to those students to work our hardest to make their dedication worthwhile.

4) What are your top tips for passing CIPD assessments?

It’s a cliché but my best advice is to begin the assignment as soon as possible after completion of a module. Even if initially, this is just a draft version. The subject is fresh in the students’ minds and the task really does become much easier. Also, in the words of Mary Poppins “ A job begun is half done”. In other words, when you decide to start the assignment and get things down on paper, you really are well on the way to succeeding. Putting off starting the assignment really does you no favours. Of course, my other advice is to really scrutinise the assessment criteria and make sure you cover them ALL fully and obviously. It is whether you meet each of these that the assessor will be checking when they mark your work. When you have completed your assignment, put yourself in the assessor’s place and check carefully where you have met each of the criteria.

5) Can you tell us about how you work with businesses delivering their training needs?

Most recently, this has involved liaising with Acacia’s clients worldwide (such as the World Health Organisation and DP World) to agree and design the best delivery platforms for their employees who are studying for CIPD.

6) Please sum up Acacia Learning in three words?

Professional, innovative, fun.

7) Please tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I once danced with Princess Margaret (the queen’s sister) at a charity ball.


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