Kevin Haslam | Tutor of the month

Kevin Haslam

Kevin Haslam is our Tutor of the Month for March 2017! Read on to find out more about Kevin and his role at Acacia Learning.

1) How long have you worked at Acacia Learning and what do you teach?

This will be my 8th year at Acacia teaching on foundation and intermediate HR and L&D programmes, both quite different, however both focused on developing the business, employee skills, competencies and knowledge.

2) What are the benefits for professionals of achieving a CIPD qualification?

The CIPD is an internationally recognised professional body with 140,000+ members globally. Joining the CIPD gives HR/L&D professional access to a wide range of current research that may be used as part of a learner’s study pathway.

Achieving a CIPD qualification at Level 3, 5 and 7 demonstrates to employers, professionals and colleagues the skills, knowledge and competencies gained through study and research and enables learners to apply these to real work challenges. Many of the learners I have had the pleasure to work with have commented during and after the programme how the knowledge gained as greatly assisted with their work and development.

The sessions Acacia deliver cover the requirements of the assignments and exams in depth, however learners receive much more than this in terms of internationally experienced tutors with a wealth of knowledge, our excellent Student Hub exclusively designed to support learners through their studies, full support from tutors and our excellent admin team.

We have an excellent client list from a broad range of sectors and industries that we work with on a regular basis and are experts in delivering and exceeding client requirements.

3) What do you like most about being a tutor?

It is very satisfying to see the learners hard work being rewarded through certification, promotion and development in their own organisations, one learner started in operations for a large retailer and now heads up operations in Europe and USA after completing Level 3 and 5.

I also welcome the feedback that tutors receive from learners as this assists my growth/CPD and that of Acacia, the sharing of experiences and knowledge in class or on line and also how fun the sessions can be in a range of locations including the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

I like the enthusiasm of learners and their sense of humour even after arriving from work for an evening session, or taking one of our many weekend/block day sessions.

4) What are your top tips for passing CIPD assessments?

Read, research, collaborate.

Studying can be lonely and a lot of the groups I teach often create their own Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Snapchat groups to collaborate on line and share ideas, these are excellent communication tools and support collaboration, networking and development of ideas for assignments, you are also building and developing your own network.

It’s also important to balance work, study and life, I work with many busy professionals that have commitments outside of work and study, time is limited therefore planning is an essential part of being successful on the programmes we offer, this is emphasised on our study skills sessions and supported with guides on our student hub.

5) Can you tell us about how you work with businesses delivering training to meet their needs?

Working with business it is important to understand the client’s needs, requirements, sector and the operating environment for the business. When designing programmes, I take the role of curator rather than trainer and design the course and develop content to fit with the specific industry and local global issues that maybe influencing the organisation.

An example would be working in Saudi Arabia, the economy has been impacted by the huge drop in the price of oil, this has influenced the ruling royal family to implement Vision 2020 and 2030, the kingdom is now changing from oil reliant to tourist and is in the process of building a state of the art metro for Riyadh and the tallest building in the world in Jeddah.

The challenges facing HR are the biggest in a generation as the economy slowly starts to open and change to a free market tourist base to realise the 2020/2030 visions. These challenges are openly discussed in sessions and fit well in to the units delivered with real, life examples discussed and debated from HR professionals who are implementing the change programme for the kingdom.

6) Please sum up Acacia Learning in three words?

Grow with us

7) Please tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I came last in the 1500 metre run at school, in November I came first in the 1500 swim, and I am 35 years older, result!


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