Marco van Dyk | Tutor of the Month


Marco Van Dyk is our tutor of the month for January 2017! We interviewed Marco about his role at Acacia Learning as well as outside of it. Find out more about him below.

1) How long have you worked at Acacia Learning and what do you teach?

I have been with Acacia since October 2015 and teach most of the L3 and L5 HR modules with occasional teaching on both L3 and L5 of the L&D course, so a bit of everything really. Both in class delivery as well as delivery online to the WHO and DP world contracts (excluding L7).

2) What are the benefits for professionals of achieving a CIPD qualification?

It is a great selling point on a CV and is generally very sought after in HR circles. It also gives HR practitioners the underpinning knowledge and theory that they need to become more effective in their roles, as they gain a greater understanding of ‘the big picture’ of Human resource management processes and strategy.

3) What do you like most about being a tutor?

The engagement with industry experts and growing practitioners on the topical events and circumstances that affect the way we work, such as BREXIT currently. The involvement with people and seeing ‘the light come on’ when a student gains new understanding is what gives me a buzz.

4) What are your top tips for passing CIPD assessments?

Always answer the question first, then expand it by adding examples that relate to your own context. This way you address theory, but also the application of this in practice. Often we get so engrossed in our own business and situations within, that we forget to answer the question first and go off topic.

5) Can you tell us about how you work with businesses delivering their training needs?

I tailor delivery to address the current situations within the business and make sure that all delivery and training is relevant and applicable to circumstances that is a focus point in the business. This way training adds real value to the business and is not just more information thrown in there for the sake of it.

6) Please sum up Acacia Learning in three words?

Flexible, approachable organisation with expert staff that are sincerely interested in helping students achieve.

7) Please tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I recently spent 12 days on a silent meditation retreat and found it to be one of the hardest things I have ever done!


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