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    Why we still offer face to face courses across the UK and worldwide

    Why we offer face to face courses?


    It is undeniable that technology has made education more accessible, removing geographic barriers, making it more flexible and affordable. Despite these developments, at Acacia Learning we believe that online education has not yet been able to emulate face to face education when it comes to the intrinsic issues of the human being and human connections.


    The human being is a social being, by nature a Zoon Politikon, who needs human interactions to develop. The learning process is not exempt from this reality, and that is the fundamental value that sustains face to face education. When interacting in a learning environment such as the classroom, knowledge is not only acquired from the teacher. There are other factors within this environment that make the knowledge gained more profound and lasting. In face to face education, knowledge is acquired from the teacher but also the interaction and debate that is generated in the classroom, from the knowledge and experiences students share with their tutors and colleagues. Ideas are debated spontaneously, serving to not only increase understanding but to give added value to the relationships and networking between the student and his / her peers and their tutor.


    Our experience at Acacia Learning is that face to face learning is based on physical interactions. Encouraging the student to express their ideas in front of a group of people, reaffirming the knowledge gained in the classroom and developing basic soft skills for them to take back into their organisations. Today, organisations require professionals to have the knowledge needed to perform their respective roles but also people capable of leading processes, creating new ways of doing things, visionaries who can influence and lead others. Qualities difficult to develop when your studies are conducted in front of a computer.


    Face to face education is an education based on emotions, in constant support and mentoring between students and the tutor, creating long-lasting networks and relationships that extend beyond the classroom and the life of the course. Whilst the popularity and benefits of online learning are undeniable, Acacia Learning will continue to offer a face to face education, encouraging these human connections and for all our students to grow with us.